[Good News] Demeiya * 1 and KWS2564 have still been selected as 2015 agricultural dominant varieties of MOA

Recently, MOA published “2015 Agricultural dominant varieties and techniques”. Demeiya 1 and KWS2564 bred by our company were still listed.

Demeiya 1 is early maturity variety with high yield and grain combined forage usage. KWS2564 is middle-late maturity variety with high disease resistance. Both of them have compact plants, tough stalk, strong root as well as standing power. It is better for them to be planted in high density and harvest by machine.

Following texts are quoted from “2015 Agricultural dominant varieties and techniques”:

Demeiya 1: suitable region in Heilongjiang third temperature zone (lower half) and forth temperature zone (higher half); GDU≥2200℃ in Inner Mongolia; early maturity zone in Jinlin Yanbian reigon.

KWS2564: same cultivation region as SC704 in Xinjiang; Jiuquan, Lanzhou, Wuwei, Pingliang where maize dwarf mosaic virus and head smut don’t occur in Gansu; Huang River irrigation zone in middle part of Ningxia where GDU≥2650℃.


Note: “Demeiya “  is a trademark of Beidahuang Kenfeng Seed Co. Ltd