[Good News] Kenwo#3 got national registration recently

Kenwo#3, bred by KWS, got national registration recently. This is the first KWS variety which gets national registration.

Kenwo#3 is an early maturing variety with tough stalk, strong young development and good standing power as well as comparatively high disease resistance. It needs 119.5 days on average to mature in early corn area in Northeast and North China, which is similar as Zhedan 37.

Kenwo#3 is recommended to plant in the third temperature zone in Heilongjiang, Xing’an Meng, Hulun Buir and north of Chifeng in Inner Mongolia as well as the north of Hebei and Shanxi.

This variety will be distributed by KWS JV in China- KENFENG-KWS SEED CO., LTD.