About KWS in China

KWS entered the Chinese seed market already 40 years ago. Until today we have been able to gain comprehensive experience on the Chinese demand for high-quality seeds as well as to get to know Chinese farmer’s needs accurately. Our goals are to provide Chinese farmers with the best suitable, high-yielding varieties in order to secure the income of our customers and make a valuable contribution to food security in China.

We are doing it by applying latest technologies in combination with over 150 years’ experience in plant breeding. Supported by the knowledge of our local Chinese partners, with whom we have established trustful, long-lasting relationship, we are able to provide farmers with the latest corn and sugar beet varieties.

In sugar beet we offer both monogerm and mulitgerm varieties for the northern parts of China. Our products are registered in the provinces of Heilongjiang, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Gansu, Shanxi and Inner Mongolia.

With about 36 million ha corn acreage (2012) China constitutes the second biggest corn market worldwide. Taking this potential into account, KWS is currently focused on the medium temperature zone parts of China, the so called spring corn area. Our products reach from FAO 210 to FAO 650 and are suitable for hand harvest, but even more for growing high densities and harvesting with machinery.

Furthermore, we are also in the process of developing varieties for the Huang-Huai-Hai Plain area, the largest summer corn planting region in China. We are confident that we will provide farmers in this region with well-adapted corn varieties soon.

On the following websites you can find more information on KWS China and our products. Looking for a direct contact, please do not hesitate to use one of the stated contacts.

Wishing you a great success for every harvest!

The KWS China Team

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	KWS in Chinese -科沃施 (kē w shī)</p>

KWS in Chinese -科沃施 (kē w shī)